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100% Brand New
Material: Spandex
Color: Black, Apricot
Shape: Square
Style: Waist Cinchers
Length: Regular
Pattern: Solid
3 Hook-and-Eye: alow you to adjust size as necessary, be able to change the waistline and exercise intensity. it is Special molecular material have high compression, It will gives you a long torso. It helps to reduce 4-5 inches in waist when you wear it.
Internal 9 steel flexible bones prevents garment roll-up , which is flexible and durable that can provide excellent back support and keep you in best posture. It is easily to let you recover quickly to origin; Takes inches off your waist and creates an hourglass figure and promotes a quick post pregnancy recovery.
Hand Wash. Do not iron. Easy put on and take off. OUTER LAYER:100% Latex. Durable latex will give you a high resistance to slim curve. INNER LAYER:100% Cotton Fabric. Soft and Cozy cotton fabric will never irritate your skin.High elastic latex.5A natural environmental latex with mesh fibers that ensure this waist trainer is breathable.
This waist corset belt is suitable for someone who Long-term sedentary office, sports and fitness,driving, see computer people cause waist abdomen adipose accumulation, poor posture, yoga, postpartum belly recovery etc. it is also a dress killer, Together fat smooth the abdomen, show perfect hourglass figure.
Welcome to our store ,we will ship out all order within 3 days,and it will take 4-7days send to your home,thank you

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  • 商品の状態: 新品
  • 発送国: 日本
  • 平均配送日数: 7~14 営業日
  • 商品説明: Christmas Gifts Slimming Body Waist Tummy Trimmer Black 4 Steel Bone Women's Breathable Waist Trainer

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